Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Best Flight Simulator is the Best Holiday Gift

Best Flight Simulator is the Best Holiday Gift

Struggling to buy for a loved one that is a gamer this holiday season?

When it comes to hitting the stores in search of the perfect holiday gift for a loved one, things can be tough enough before you even start looking. Battling with wild crowds all searching for bargains, bumping each other out of the way to get that last, hot-ticket item off of the shelf to take home and place underneath the tree.

If it sounds like your own personal version of hell that's because it can be! Retail shopping around the holidays, especially for technology and video game products is a hectic experience. Would it be awesome if you could just avoid it altogether while still finding the perfect gift for your loved one? You're in luck!

Flight Simulators come about as close to 'the perfect gift' that you can buy a game. They're available to play instantly, they don't require batteries and won't break after 10 minutes of playing with them. The best flight simulator for PC is the gift that keeps on giving, boasting hours and hours of game play and value for the recipient!

Most flight simulators also come bundled with some other goodies too in the form of bonus content, planes, multiplayer maps and more. You'll struggle to find a gift that is this comprehensive anywhere in a retail outlet!

If you think that you giftee wouldn't mind the fact that they don't have a PHYSICAL present placed underneath the tree on christmas morning (and lets face it, once you're past 11 years old whether the present is wrapped or not becomes a little redundant,) then you'll be best served looking up the best flight simulator online today. You'll be surprised by the value and they'll be surprised that you were crafty enough to think up such a out-of-the-box gift all on your own!

Happy Holidays, everybody!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Best Flight Simulator for PC - The Ideal Gift

Best Flight Simulator for PC - The Ideal Gift

Shopping for a gamer can be a nightmare, but the next time an occasion rolls around, give a gift that will leave them smiling from ear to ear.

If you have a friend, family member, partner or any sort of loved one that is a video game fanatic then you'll know from past experience that buying them a gift for birthday's, anniversaries or even for Christmas can be an absolute nightmare-like experience. Whilst your first inclination may be to simply purchase them the hottest new release game title, chances are they've already purchase it themself or another loved one has already thought of that idea. 

The alternatives you're left with are buying a gift card - which, as we all know, screams of insincerity - or instead you simply take a gamble and pick a title which you think they might enjoy. Either way you look at it, purchasing for a gamer can be a tricky challenge but thankfully, one of the oldest and most beloved game genres is currently enjoying a revival which is about to make your gift giving experience a whole lot easier.

This gift giving season, give your favourite gamer the Best Flight Simulator for PC and watch their eyes light up!

For those unfamiliar with the flight simulator genre, here is a quick little check list that will give you some insight into why any true gamer would appreciate it when you hand over one of these titles as a gift:

  • Unbelieveable Realism - The Best Flight Simulator prides itself on offering realism and immersion that other video games can only dream of. Environments are crisp and realistic, controls are modelled off of real-life aircraft and players can literally fly anywhere in the world that they please, including the Egyptian Pyramids!
  • Value for Money - Any gamer worth their salt can knock over a modern day title within a handful of hours as more and more games are being made with the masses in mind. A flight simulator, when played properley can literally offer hundreds of hours and entertainment and - better yet - on the off chance that the giftee doesn't like their present, most offer 60-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarentees. Good luck getting that deal with many console titles today!
So if you're stumped for a gift idea to present to your gamer loved one then your problems are solved. Get them the Best Flight Simulator for PC and watch them climbing into the cockpit with glee!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Best Flight Simulator Checklist

Best Flight Simulator Checklist

What exactly are the most common factors that make a 'good' flight Sim into the Best Flight Simulator?

If you've ever endulged yourself and gotten suck straight into the wonderful world of flight simulators then you'll no doubt already have a really good idea in your own head of what, for you at least, is the difference between an 'okay' flight simulator and the best flight simulator that you've ever had the pleasure of installing on your PC.

From my own experiences, I've always put an enormous amount of importance on the graphics of the simulator because, after all, if all of the cockpits and environments resemble cardboard boxes then you're not really going to be able to immerse yourself into believing you're the one piloting a genuine, real-life aircraft, are you? I feel that, with each generation that passes, flight simulator graphics - and graphics in all video games come to think of it - should evolve and while some games have really missed the mark in recent memory, there have been a handful of games that have got it 100% right in my opinion. The game I've been playing for months now - the one that I still to this day still believe is the best flight simulator - have magnificent environments - from the cockpit all the way to the airport runways and that makes the experience oh so much more enjoyable.

Friends of mine see things a little different, however, and swear that controls are the be-all and end-all when it comes to the perfect crafting of a flight simulator video game on PC. They claim that having the right feelings beneath your fingertips - especially when utilizing a specialized, customised joystick - can make or break their pilot experiences. 

A few also claim that the best PC flight simulator begins and ends with the selection of aircraft available to pilot. They are under the impression that no matter how good graphics and gameplay are, if you don't have a vast variety of planes to pilot then no flight simulator can ever fight for the title of, 'the best.'

On my hunt for the best flight simulator for PC I'll no doubt have to take all of these factors into consideration! I'd also love to know what else you guys think - what apart from gameplay, controls and aircraft do you think is vital to a flight simulators make up? What should I be adding to my criteria checklist on my search?

If you're yet to actually play a flight sim and want to know what I'm currently playing - the game that is leading my 'best flight simulator' search at the moment, check out the snappy video below!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Best PC Flight Simulator - What Makes them Great?

Best PC Flight Simulator Hunt

What Am I Looking For, Exactly?

I've been a mad flight simulator fan since the early nineties when I first discovered the awesome rush that comes from conquering a challenge within a video game that you initially thought was near-impossible. If you've ever played a game - even if you're not a 'gamer'- I'm certain that you know the feeling I'm attempting to describe. 

It's that unrivalled surge of adrenaline when you feel that the success which has alluded you for so long is within your grasp. Despite trying and failing repeated in the past, glory is finally achievable and in your sights. You've learned from your mistakes, honed your craft and put in countless hours of practice. Then, finally, you reach that virtual finish line, you grab hold of that elusive goal and the experience is almost surreal.

Sound familiar? Well, that's the feeling I first experience when I was around 14 years old and I landed my first domestic plane, successfully and safely on one of the best pc flight simulator games of the era.

Needless to say, I've savoured that experience and it's with those memories in mind that I get so frustrated watching the current gaming generation blindly handing over their money to developers whom are trotting out title after title which are not only laughably simple but take a maximum of 5 or 6 hours to complete!

A great game should have replay value through the roof. You shouldn't want to put it down. You shouldn't want to go to school or work or to meet your girlfriend's parents. Naturally, as functioning members of society these little obligations must be met, yet my overall point is that a sensationally designed game needs to grab you with all its force and not let you go. This level of immersion is created through difficulty, through challenge and it's sorely lacking in today's gaming landscape.

This frustration at cookie-cooker, simple games has prompted me to create this blog and, I hope, that it may also inspire you to look beyond the stock-standard shooters that are on the shelf of your local gaming store or on the front page of Steam. 

After years of less-than-desirable flight simulation games being released, I've come across a title which I have been playing for around 4 months straight now. It has one of the most realistic engines I've ever come across, enough aircraft to keep me busy and in the air - literally for years - and was cheaper to buy than 2 console games I was also considering at the time. I've begun a mission to bring flight simulation games back to the forefront of gaming, to introduce the genre to a generation who otherwise would know no better and to uncover THE best flight simulator for PC.

Thank you for coming aboard my blog. Please fasten your seatbelt and I hope you enjoy the ride!