Monday, October 1, 2012

Best Flight Simulator Checklist

Best Flight Simulator Checklist

What exactly are the most common factors that make a 'good' flight Sim into the Best Flight Simulator?

If you've ever endulged yourself and gotten suck straight into the wonderful world of flight simulators then you'll no doubt already have a really good idea in your own head of what, for you at least, is the difference between an 'okay' flight simulator and the best flight simulator that you've ever had the pleasure of installing on your PC.

From my own experiences, I've always put an enormous amount of importance on the graphics of the simulator because, after all, if all of the cockpits and environments resemble cardboard boxes then you're not really going to be able to immerse yourself into believing you're the one piloting a genuine, real-life aircraft, are you? I feel that, with each generation that passes, flight simulator graphics - and graphics in all video games come to think of it - should evolve and while some games have really missed the mark in recent memory, there have been a handful of games that have got it 100% right in my opinion. The game I've been playing for months now - the one that I still to this day still believe is the best flight simulator - have magnificent environments - from the cockpit all the way to the airport runways and that makes the experience oh so much more enjoyable.

Friends of mine see things a little different, however, and swear that controls are the be-all and end-all when it comes to the perfect crafting of a flight simulator video game on PC. They claim that having the right feelings beneath your fingertips - especially when utilizing a specialized, customised joystick - can make or break their pilot experiences. 

A few also claim that the best PC flight simulator begins and ends with the selection of aircraft available to pilot. They are under the impression that no matter how good graphics and gameplay are, if you don't have a vast variety of planes to pilot then no flight simulator can ever fight for the title of, 'the best.'

On my hunt for the best flight simulator for PC I'll no doubt have to take all of these factors into consideration! I'd also love to know what else you guys think - what apart from gameplay, controls and aircraft do you think is vital to a flight simulators make up? What should I be adding to my criteria checklist on my search?

If you're yet to actually play a flight sim and want to know what I'm currently playing - the game that is leading my 'best flight simulator' search at the moment, check out the snappy video below!

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